The Management Structure follows the principals which are stated in the Final Application Guide composed by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. 
Management Bodies

Region of Central Macedonia

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

University of Macedonia

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas

Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece
Federation of Industries of Northnern Greece
Thessaloniki Technology Park
Research Commitee of AUTH
Technology Transfer & Innovative Business Activity
Organisation responsible for implementation of the task
• Management and Development Corporation of Technological Park of Thessaloniki S.A. (TTP/MDC S.A.) 

Task Description
The goal of this activity is to motivate the innovation entrepreneurship through:
• The integration of the support tools available
• The development of an evaluation methodology of a) the venture and b) the technology
• Conducting 2 cycles of stimulation activities for innovative entrepreneurship.

Providing specialized support and evaluation services prior to assuming the business risk combined with the existing support and finance structures (incubators) of innovative ventures shall be a significant instrument in the empowerment and acceleration of the commercial exploitation of the research results. Parallel to this, the collaboration of all the incubators in the implementation of the task ensures the homogenization and complementarities of the services provided at the level of structures as well as at the level of the services rendered, creating a strong support cluster for new knowledge intensive businesses in the Region of Central Macedonia.

Task Manager
Kostas Tramanztas
Tel: +30 2310 498.205 
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