The Management Structure follows the principals which are stated in the Final Application Guide composed by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. 
Management Bodies

Region of Central Macedonia

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

University of Macedonia

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas

Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece
Federation of Industries of Northnern Greece
Thessaloniki Technology Park
Research Commitee of AUTH
Strategy and viability of RIPCM
Organisation responsible for implementation of the task
• Region of Central Macedonia 

Task Description
For the development and establishment as well as the future viability of RIPCM it is necessary to clarify the strategy of the Pole. The strategy is centered on the development and promotion of innovation in the ICT sector with the cooperation of the research community of the region. Also, the strategy refers to the modernization of the production tissue of the region and the enterprises, so that they can innovate through the ICTs, using information and communications technologies.
The RIPCM strategy is expected to broaden:
• The basic technologies on which the ICT sector must be focused on the long term.
• The expansion of the RIPCM in other sectors, as well and the cooperation and synergy with the Innovation Zone of Thessaloniki.
• The long term viability of the Regional Innovation Pole.
• The funding sources following the current period of the 3rd CSF, the desired integration in the next funding frameworks of the GSRÔ or the Region of C. Macedonia.
• The need for the establishment of a permanent structure or network of organizations of C. Macedonia that will be responsible to manage and maintain the Pole for a long period of time.
• Parallel to this, intends to offer strategy processing services to the ICT sector businesses.

Task Manager
Panagiotis Georgopoulos
Tel: +302310 409.159
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