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Electrocardiograph through the PC
Organisation responsible for implementation of the task

Task Description
In cardiology today the 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) is certainly an important component, along with clinical presentation and serum markers, in evaluating patients with acute coronary ischemia. The 12-lead ECG has problems with its sensitivity and specificity. The National Heart Attack Alert Program recommends the addition of nonstandard ECG leads to increase both sensitivity and specificity in the detection of infarctions of the right ventricle and the posterior wall.2 These nonstandard leads are commonly identified as right precordial leads (V4R, V5R, V6R) and posterior leads (V7, V8, V9). By combining these leads, clinicians can produce a 15- or 18-lead ECG. Zalenski et al3 recommend using a 15-lead ECG to increase sensitivity and the odds of detecting an injury pattern (ST-segment elevation) to the right ventricle and posterior left ventricle. The 15-lead ECG adds V4R, V8, and V9.

Expected Results
The subject of this proposal is the start-up of a new company aiming at the commercialisation of a new product, that will exploit the above scientific research results, combining the beneficiary’s experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical equipment.

Task Manager
Athanasios Tsigos
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