The Management Structure follows the principals which are stated in the Final Application Guide composed by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. 
Management Bodies

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

University of Macedonia

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas

Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece
Federation of Industries of Northnern Greece
Thessaloniki Technology Park
Research Commitee of AUTH
Video-base customized software
Organisation responsible for implementation of the task
• Sfingos Nikolaos, Individual

Task Description
The software to be commercialized is financed by Computer School and GSRT via PAVET NE Program and is granted for commercial use to the spin off company (to be founded). The developed software involves technologies of multimedia, data bases and networks. The software packages can be organized in the following entities:
1. SportScout: This is a multimedia application that incorporates still image, sound, video and allows for parameterization of video, automatic supervised editing and statistical analysis.
2. SVI: Video data base application for handling digital video from a data base system.
3. PAVET 210: Through funding by PAVET NE Program, Computer School created software that allows easy parameterization of video files from a video data base and network access for the collaboration of remote users on video analysis.
4. Research: The abovementioned technologies were applied for research purposes in the following University Institutions:
School of Preschool Education Sciences, Faculty of Education, AUTh, video analysis of recorded math courses;
Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, AUTh, video analysis of particular movements in basketball, football, tennis and handball.

The target market of the developed products is:
• Sport teams in Europe and the rest of the world
• European and International sport events
• Millions of Windows users world-wide
• Users of forthcoming PVR appliances
• Teachers and students.

Task Manager
Sfingos Nikolaos
Tel: +30 2310 323.966
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