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Utilizing software tools to optimize production of polymers
Organisations responsible for implementation of the task

Task Description
The objective of the present proposal is the development of an advanced prototype software package for the simulation, control and optimization of polymerization processes. This objective will be accomplished according to the contemporary methods for developing industrial software and it will be based on the correspong mathematical algorithms (computational software programms) that have been developed by the Laboratory of Polymer Reaction Engineering (LPRE) of the Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI). In these software programms various polymerization kinetics, reactors and other unit operations can be readily selected and combined to build a process model.

Expected Results
The new software package will be able to be used in a wide range of industrial applications, including:
• Analysis of the effect of key process variables on product quality
• Examination of process alternatives to increase plant throughput.
• Parameter estimation using reaction kinetics data
• Evaluation of grade transition policies
• Conducting of safety analysis for reactor runaway conditions
• Monitoring of important process quality variables using model-based estimators
• Development of open-loop and closed-loop optimal control policies
• Training of operators to handle process transitions and equipment failure
bringing significant business benefits to a polymer producer, including:
• Throughput and yield optimization
• Process troubleshooting and analysis
• Grade transition strategies
• New grade studies
• Design advanced control systems

Task Manager
Pladis Prokopis
Tel: +30 2310 498.440
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