The Management Structure follows the principals which are stated in the Final Application Guide composed by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. 
Management Bodies

Region of Central Macedonia

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

University of Macedonia

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas

Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece
Federation of Industries of Northnern Greece
Thessaloniki Technology Park
Research Commitee of AUTH
‘Smart Home’ tele-command system
Organisations responsible for implementation of the task
• Ô.Å.É.Th. Dept. of Electronics 
• Cardisoft S.Á. 

Task Description
The target of the project is the design and development of a system of remote management of a “Smart House” via telephone with the use of voice commands (TELEXSFON). the system will give to the user the possibility of remote management of a number of electric appliances via standard or mobile telephone with the use of simple voice commands or via a web site. There will be also the capability of informing the user via voice messages about the state of operation of the connected electric appliances as well as about the conditions in the area of the control panel by connecting the proper sensors (eg temperature, humidity, etc). There will be the possibility of scheduling the operation in a daily, weekly or monthly base. There will also be the capability of self-monitoring (built-in self-test) of the electronic circuits of the control panel, in order to increase the reliability of the system.

Expected Results
The proposed system TELEXSFON will also be able to be connected with security and safety systems (eg burglar or fire alarm systems) and inform immediately and automatically the user and possibly pre-selected authorities about the situation. There will be the possibility of autonomous operation for a long duration via backup sources (battery) for the cases of power loss at the public power line network as well as increased capabilities of external communication and support of various protocols of communication for enhanced flexibility, adaptability and compatibility with other appliances for the “Smart house”. Finally the user will be given the choice to bypass the voice command server and to control the electric appliances via the keys of his telephone set or by sending written SMS messages or through a web site.

Task Manager
Dimitrios Papakostas
Tel: +30 2310 791.635
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