The Management Structure follows the principals which are stated in the Final Application Guide composed by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. 
Management Bodies

Region of Central Macedonia

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

University of Macedonia

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas

Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece
Federation of Industries of Northnern Greece
Thessaloniki Technology Park
Research Commitee of AUTH
Development of position identification system and supply of telematic services
Organisations responsible for implementation of the task
• Center of Research & Technology Hellas / Informatics & Telematics Institute (CERTH/ITI) 
Task Description
This task aims at developing a positioning and telematics system for restricted indoor and outdoor environments, such as hospitals, convention and exhibition centres, worksites, museums, archaeological sites, industries, etc. The final product will consist of a control center station, wireless base stations and multifunctional wireless portable terminal devices (pagers), which will be developed in the framework of the present research. Apart from positioning, the system will offer a number of services such as send / receive messages, telemetry, emergency management, information dispatching, televoting, remote management etc.

Expected Results

The final system will have the advantages of easy installation, long lasting operation of the portable terminal devices, bidirectional communication, low cost and adjustability in different kinds of operating conditions and therefore it is expected to become a competitive commercial product in both Greek and international markets. Especially in Greece, companies that offer such solutions do not exist. The wide range of applications that will be supported, guarantees the successful market penetration of the product. Some of them are:
a) Positioning and calling of medical and nursing personnel in hospitals and clinics,
b) Guidance in commercial centers, in exhibition and convention centers, in multilevel parking stations,
c) Guidance in museums and archaeological sites through interconnecting portable terminal devices with PDAs, d) Televoting in conferences and other happenings.
To sum up, the development of an innovative and high technology product by companies and research institutes of Northern Greece will contribute to the strengthening of their cooperation, the true exploitation of the research results and finally the long-term financial strengthening of the region.

Task Manager
Ioannis Gragopoulos
Tel: +30 2310 464.160
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